Got questions?

Here are a few links to help you learn about the Christian faith. Do have a read - they will hopefully answer some questions you may have, but do drop us an email if you still have any queries!

Uncover Mark

A walkthrough of the Gospel of Mark, exploring the claims it makes about the life of Jesus Christ, their historical authenticity and implications. See for yourself and make up your mind!

We have lots of hard copies of Uncover Mark and also organise a relaxed lunchtime discussion about Uncover called Curious Café at 13:00 on Wednesdays. Contact us if you’re interested in either, we would love you to join!

How can I find meaning in my life? Do we have a purpose? Is there a God behind everything? Watch, listen to, or read discussions and debates that help to engage with deep questions about life. Find out about Christian beliefs and the reasons for them, and how Christian responses relate to life in the real world.

Past Skeptical talks

Skeptical is a weekly event we host on Friday lunchtimes at 12:00 where we discuss big questions about life, God and Christianity.

Check out some previous Skeptical talks here on our YouTube channel: