About us

The Christian Union at Imperial is a society which aims to make sure that every single student hears about and has the opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We hold weekly events for those wanting to explore our faith, such as Skeptical and Curious Cafe, as well as other events for the Christian Union community, where everyone is welcome to join us!

We also put on an annual Events Week - a week of fun events in the Spring Term. They engages in how Christianity is relevant to different areas of life for everyone.

All our events during the year and regular activities are run by an awesome team of volunteers! Do get in touch with us if you want to help make sure our events run smoothly, or serve the CU in other areas.

The committee

The work of the Christian Union is directed by our executive committee, a team of people elected by the members of the CU every year.

President - Sam Lashwood

Sam Lashwood


4th year Physics

Hey, I'm Sam, a 4th year physics student who gets excited about kayaking. I also get very excited about Jesus and telling the good folks at Imperial about how great He is. Thinking and learning how to better witness to our mates on campus this year is gonna be great! Who knows what God will do?!

Vice President and Treasurer - Esther Wong

Esther Wong

Vice President and Treasurer

3rd year Computing

Hi, I’m Esther! As Vice President, I’ll be helping the CU manage their finances and organise our yearly Weekend Away, which includes great Bible teaching, fun activities, and other exciting surprises. I’m really looking forward to meeting you guys!

Secretary - Yvonne Winterborn

Yvonne Winterborn


2nd year Biochemistry

Hello there! I’m Yvonne, a second year molecule-lover and your cu secretary this year! I send out the weekly emails, which you should definitely read, not just because of my brilliant use of emojis, but also because they contain all the info you’ll need!! I can’t wait to meet you all :))

Evangelism Secretary - Jacob Knight

Jacob Knight

Evangelism Secretary

2nd year Geophysics

Hello, I am organising the CU’s Evangelism and Outreach (mainly Skeptical). I am a second year Geophysicist who enjoys running and playing squash and saxophone. I look forward to sharing God’s amazing Gospel with those on Campus this year.

HUB Coordinator - Martin Teh

Martin Teh

HUB Coordinator

2nd year Mechanical Engineering

Hey! I'm Martin, I'll be your Central Meeting HUB Coordinator for this year. We all meet once weekly at HUB to be encouraged and to be equipped for going out into the world to tell mates about Jesus! I can't wait to see y'all! Also my powerpoint slides are super good, I swear 🙂

Prayer Secretary - Tom Brown

Tom Brown

Prayer Secretary

2nd year Aeronautical Engineering

Hey, my name's Tom and I am a second year Aeronautical Engineer. Somerset born and raised but no I'm not a farmer. As prayer secretary, my role is to help organise prayer meetings and prayer triplets. I strongly believe prayer and breakfast is the perfect combination so make sure you come along to the chaplaincy at 8am on a Friday to find out why.

Publicity Coordinator - Matthew Last

Matthew Last

Publicity Coordinator

4th year Design Engineering

Hello, I'm Matthew, a 4th year Design Engineering student from Cumbria in the pleasant north of England. In the role of Publicity Coordinator, I help the CU advertise the events they do. I'll often be organising posters, flyers and social-media posts so that the word of God can be spread across campus. I hope to see you all soon.

Imperial College Christian Union, together with other Christian Unions in the UK, is supported by the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF).

UCCF: The Christian Unions