About us

The Christian Union at Imperial is a society which aims to make sure that every single student hears about and has the opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We hold weekly events for those wanting to explore our faith, such as Skeptical and Curious Cafe, as well as other events for the Christian Union community, where everyone is welcome to join us!

We also put on an annual Events Week - a week of fun events in the Spring Term. They engages in how Christianity is relevant to different areas of life for everyone.

All our events during the year and regular activities are run by an awesome team of volunteers! Do get in touch with us if you want to help make sure our events run smoothly, or serve the CU in other areas.

The committee

The work of the Christian Union is directed by our executive committee, a team of people elected by the members of the CU every year.

President - Jonny Tilford

Jonny Tilford


4th year Aeronautical Engineering

Hi, I’m Jonny, a fourth year Aeronautical Engineer from the lovely town of Warwick. As the President of ICCU, I will be leading the committee to ensure that the whole of the Christian Union is working towards our goal of giving every student the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus. In doing that, I hope that we can equip you to share the Gospel and give you great opportunities to do that during your time at University.

Vice President and Treasurer - Helen Rimell

Helen Rimell

Vice President and Treasurer

3rd year Medicine

Hi, I’m Helen, and I’m a 3rd year GP-wannabe. I’m excited to meet you all and to spend the year getting trained in evangelism and sharing the gospel on campus with you. As VP/Treasurer, I’ll be balancing the books, looking after the committee with prescriptions of coffee/cake and putting together a Weekend Away filled with bible-teaching, baked goods and our usual mixedtop-quality banter.

Secretary - Lydia Joshua

Lydia Joshua


2nd year Biology

Hi! I’m Lydia, a second year biologist and evil mastermind behind the cu weekly emails...hehe. I help book rooms for all the fabulous CU events we run and love meeting new people - so please come along and say hi at one of our weekly events!

Evangelism Secretary - Buneme Kyakilika

Buneme Kyakilika

Evangelism Secretary

2nd year Computing

Hi, I'm Buneme. As Evangelism Secretary, my role mainly revolves around organising our weekly Skeptical, where we have a speaker who answers the sort of questions that people who are looking into Christianity may be asking. I'm looking forward to meeting you all in October!

HUB Coordinator - Esther Wong

Esther Wong

HUB Coordinator

2nd year Computing

Hi! I'm Esther, a second year computing student from Hong Kong. As a CU, we meet every Thursday for HUB to encourage and equip each other to share the Gospel with people around us. I look forward to help organise these sessions and to meet you all!

Prayer Secretary - Katie Rhodes

Katie Rhodes

Prayer Secretary

4th year Geology

I'm Katie, a dinosaur and bacon enthusiast from Southampton. I'm the CU breakfast provider and I love getting our CU family together for prayer times. We meet up to pray on Friday mornings and I'm stoked to see all your faces there.

"There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food" ~ Ron Swanson.

Events Coordinator - Franz Tapia Chaca

Franz Tapia Chaca

Events Coordinator

4th year Biomedical Engineering

Hi, I'm Franz and as Events Coordinator, I have the wonderful opportunity to serve by organising our annual Christmas Carols and to support other events by helping flyering, organisation and planning! I'm excited for the new year to run these events to make Christ known at Imperial. I was also born in Peru and then moved to Sint Maarten, an island in the Caribbean!

Imperial College Christian Union, together with other Christian Unions in the UK, is supported by the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF).

UCCF: The Christian Unions