About us

The Christian Union at Imperial is a society which aims to make sure that every single student hears about and has the opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We hold regular events such as Skeptical, the Globe Cafe and our weekly “Hub” meeting, as well as an annual Events Week.

Who we are

We’re able run our events during the year and regular activities thanks to an awesome team of volunteers! The work of the Christian Union is directed by our executive committee, a team of people elected by the members of the CU every year which you can read a bit more about below. If you want to contribute towards the running of the society or help with making sure our events run smoothly, drop us an email!

Executive Committee 2016/17

Pete Balsdon


Hi, I’m Peter, a fourth year mathematician from the lovely land of Cornwall. As President this year, my role is to support the committee, along with Krista, to make sure that everything that the CU is doing is pursuing our aim of giving every student at Imperial an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus.
Email: peter.balsdon13@imperial.ac.uk

Vice President and Treasurer
Krista Hawker


Hi, my name is Krista and I’m a third year biochemist from Basingstoke. As Vice President my job is to support Pete in his role of overseeing all that the CU is doing, with a particular focus on heading up organisation of events such as the weekend away and carol service. I’m also treasurer which means I look after the finances and make sure we use our money well. I can’t wait to meet all the new students in October, so if that’s you feel free to drop me an email and say hi!
Email: krista.hawker14@imperial.ac.uk

Andrew Baey

Hi, I’m Andrew, a third-year mechanical engineer from Singapore. I delight in building things and travelling the world! My role as secretary is to manage room bookings and admin, to ensure we get things done as smoothly as possible. I’m also the one managing the CU email account, to keep people notified of our events.
Email: andrew.baey13@imperial.ac.uk

Evangelism Secretary
Ravi Woods


Hi, I’m Ravi, a third year electronic engineer, born and bred in London. I love art, both making it & looking at it. Also, I’m always on the hunt for great places to eat! As Evangelism Secretary, my aim is that everyone on campus can see the good news of Christ, especially through Skeptical – our weekly lunchtime talk.

Email: ravi.woods14@imperial.ac.uk

International Co-ordinator
Andy Li


Hi there! I’m Andy and I make sure that CU is a friendly place that welcomes everyone from everywhere. As a second-year biologist, I love all animals! You are classified as an animal and I would love to get to know you and help you adjust to the UK life. I come from multicultural Vancouver, CANADA and I love meeting people of different cultures.

Email: andy.li15@imperial.ac.uk

HUB Co-ordinator
Sam Rogers


Hi, I’m Sam and I’m a fourth year student studying Aerospace Materials. As HUB Co-ordinator, I’m responsible for our weekly meeting, HUB, where we gather together to encourage one another and meet to hear God speak to us through His word.

Email: samuel.rogers13@imperial.ac.uk

Prayer Secretary
Katie Rhodes


I’m Katie, a dinosaur and bacon enthusiast from Southampton. I’m the CU breakfast provider and I love getting our CU family together for prayer times. We meet up to pray on Friday mornings and I’m stoked to see all your faces there.

“There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food” ~ Ron Swanson.

Email: katherine.rhodes15@imperial.ac.uk

Publicity Team 2016/17

Publicity Co-ordinator
Maurice Yap


Hi, I’m Maurice, a second year Computing student from Southampton. My role is to oversee and help to produce external publicity materials for our talks and events, including flyers, posters and social media outreach. I’m also responsible for maintaining this website and our social media channels.

Email: maurice.yap15@imperial.ac.uk

Publicity Officer
Tom Bellingham


Of English birth but homeschooled by missionary parents in Honduras. I study computing and like motion graphics, poetry, photography, experimenting with food, and thinking about tough questions.
Email: tom.bellingham15@imperial.ac.uk

Publicity Officer
Raymond Yip

Hi, I’m Raymond and I’m a second year student studying Physics.

Email: raymond.yip15@imperial.ac.uk