About us

The Christian Union at Imperial is a society which aims to make sure that every single student hears about and has the opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We hold regular events such as Skeptical, the Globe Cafe and our weekly “Hub” meeting, as well as an annual Events Week.

Who we are

We’re able run our events during the year and regular activities thanks to an awesome team of volunteers! The work of the Christian Union is directed by our executive committee, a team of people elected by the members of the CU every year which you can read a bit more about below. If you want to contribute towards the running of the society or help with making sure our events run smoothly, drop us an email!

Executive Committee 2017/18

Contact us at cu@imperial.ac.uk

Jonny Tilford


Hi, I’m Jonny, a third year Aeronautical Engineer who grew up in the lovely town of Warwick. As the President of ICCU, I will be leading the committee to ensure that the whole of the Christian Union is working towards our goal of giving every student the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus. In doing that, I hope that we can equip you to share the Gospel and give you great opportunities to do that during your time at University.

Vice President and Treasurer
Becca Rowden


Hey there, I’m Becca, a 4th year Materials Scientist & Engineer who doesn’t know where to say she’s from! #TCK However, I do know Jesus and am looking forward to organizing CU events and outreach this year to make Jesus known at Imperial. I also look after our finances, ensuring we spend wisely and plan ahead. Come along to a CU event anytime, it would be great to meet you and welcome you to Imperial.

Amy Farrell


Hi! I’m Amy, a third-year bioengineer from Hong Kong. As secretary my role involves booking rooms to meet in, admin and writing the weekly email. I look forward to keeping you all in the loop with the happenings of CU!

Evangelism Secretary
Tom Bellingham


International Co-ordinator
Hymn Chan


Hi, I am Hymn Chan, a second-year mathematician from Hong Kong. I love sports, especially fencing. Jesus will be worshiped by people from every nation ultimately (Rev 7:9), so my role as International Coordinator is to share the gospel, particularly with international students, so that they can come to worship Him.

HUB Co-ordinator
Sam Lowe


Prayer Secretary
Anna Wilson


Events Co-ordinator
Helen Rimmell


Hi there! I’m Helen, a second year medic from Worcester. As Events Coordinator this year, my role is to help with organising some of our outreach events like Carol service. Your typical social medic, I can’t wait to meet all the new freshers – see you in October!

Some other faces…

Publicity Director
Maurice Yap


I’m a third year Computing student from not-so-sunny Southampton. My role is to make sure that we’re being effective at encouraging people to come to our events and activities to hear about the gospel we believe.

Publicity Officer
Matthew Last


Hi, I’m Matthew, a second year Design Engineering student from West Cumbria. I’m on the publicity team for this year, helping to create posters and other publicity materials for all our CU events and talks. I hope to see you at one of them soon!