Imperial College Christian Union is a community which exist to share the message of Jesus on campus, and explore how this message relates to us as we go through university together.

We believe that the message Jesus spoke is true: that he himself is God, and we can personally know him. We believe that knowing Jesus is essential for all things including life and death, and this is why we want to introduce him to everyone.

If you wouldn’t call yourself a Christian, but are interested in what we do and why we do it, welcome to this website!

Feel free to have a look around and particularly check out the who we are page. It delves a bit more into the message that Jesus spoke, and what we believe as a society.

If you’re a fresher looking around, check out our what’s on┬ápage to see some events we’re putting on during freshers week, and get in contact with us: we’d love to grab a coffee with you!